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Comprehensive support solution

Netafim Services provides a comprehensive support solution, closely accompanying the project throughout its entire lifecycle.

Our diverse array of services, delivered by certified agronomists, engineers, drafters, and irrigation system technicians, ensures a holistic approach.

This distinctive blend of cutting-edge agronomic expertise and top-notch engineering is vital for project success, guaranteeing excellence from both technical and agricultural standpoints.

Meeting Elevated Industry Demands

With the irrigation industry seeking higher levels of service, clients are seeking a more professional approach and a more thorough solution to their irrigation project needs.

Netafim Services can meet these needs.

Covering all aspects of a project life cycle, from initial feasibility, through to site preparation, installation, commissioning, operation, maintenance and management of irrigation systems.  

We support you with what we're good at.
Leaving you to focus on what you're good at.

Our Offering

Engineering Services

Encompassing a diverse array of services including irrigation system design, pump shed design, tender preparation, system commissioning, energy and surge analysis, as well as the preparation of operational and maintenance manuals for both new and existing projects, among other offerings.

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Dripline Maintenance Advisory

A Netafim service offering an evaluation of the condition of driplines and delivering tailored maintenance recommendations with precision. Evaluation is available for all types of dripline emitters, regardless of brand.

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System Irrigation Energy Assessment

A Netafim service that evaluates the energy consumption of your irrigation system to pinpoint opportunities for efficiency enhancements, leading to cost-saving advantages. This service enables users to lower their operational expenses and achieve greater returns on investment.

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Due Diligence Reports

An evaluation report assessing the present state and projected longevity of irrigation assets, accompanied by suggestions concerning anticipated operational costs for the upcoming decade, alongside capital investment needs within the initial three-year period.

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Irrigation System Checks

An irrigation system assessment aimed at determining the present performance of an existing irrigation system. A comprehensive report outlining observations and recommendations will be furnished.

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Precision irrigation is proven to increase yields by 30% - 100%. With Netafim Services you can benefit from precision irrigation faster and with less risk.

Ready to grow?

Ready to grow?

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