Streamline™ X

Achieve optimum irrigation and fertigation of your seasonal vegetable or field crops with the toughest thin wall drip line ever made.

Use Streamline™ X for:

  • Greater irrigation uniformity
  • Precision delivery
  • Easy installation and retrieval
  • Clogging resistance
  • Leak minimisation with quality fittings

Tough on the outside and inside.



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Streamline X
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Product Features

Injection Molded Drippers

Made of high quality polyethylene and welded into a wall of seamless tubing. Flow path is not affeted by stretching during installation.

Larger Filter Inlets

Secondary filtration reduces the risk of clogging.


Increased flow path velocity eliminates clogging,

Ribbed Interior and Exterior

Exterior ribs for maximum abrasion resistance.

Interior ribs for minimizing damage to dripper during installation.

High Strength Polyethylene Tubing

Improved durability and tensile strength for higher operating pressures.

Advanced Flap Technology

 Systematically opening and closing during start-up and shut-down to protect against root intrusion and soil ingestion.

Streamline™ X

Streamline™ X

The toughest thin wall drip line ever made

Product Advantages

The new extra tough drip line with unique ribbed surface acts as a barrier between the ground and the pipe making installation and retrieval smoother than ever before.


Manage the annual lifecycle of your thin wall drip line with Netafim's Recoil program.


streamline x advantages

Use the toughest thin wall drip line ever made

It's really tough. We can prove it.

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