Aquanet Plus AC/DC  – Ensure Minimal Current Consumption and Reliable Operation

Aquanet Valve

Why millions of growers use our valves?

As the world leaders in irrigation, we know that controlling the flow and protecting your irrigation system is key to your  success. That's why we offer Aquanet Plus AC/DC – our professional electric/hydraulic control valves. These strong and versatile plastic valves exhibit exceptional hydraulic characteristics and provide optimal control of irrigation systems to enable high flow rates, while operating at low head loss.

When to choose Aquanet Plus AC/DC:

The Aquanet Plus valves are electric valves that are used for automatically irrigating either the whole garden and/or specific zones (“irrigation sections”) in your garden. It comes in two models: 1” and 2”, available in both AC and DC (latch) versions. The 2” valve has an integral pressure regulator (range 0.7 – 4.5 bar). All Aquanet Plus valves are also equipped with integral flow rate control and manual operation so that they can be opened and closed independently of the controller.

What makes series 100 valves special

  • Patented 3-position system: Open, closed and automatic
  • Designed for different water quality standards
  • Variable pressure (0.7 - 4.5 bar with 2” model)
  • Variable capacity by means of flow rate regulator
  • Manual override function: CLOSE - AUTO - OPEN
  • Low energy consumption, allowing maximum cable lengths
  • EPDM diaphragm resistant to chemicals commonly used in horticulture
Looking to learn more about Aquanet performance, dimensions and head loss?

Looking to learn more about Aquanet performance, dimensions and head loss?

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