Pattern Approved Water Meters

Pattern Approved Water Meters

For the Most Accurate and Reliable Flow Readings

Netafim Pattern Approved (NMI M10) Water Meters for Murray Darling Basin

  • Netafim Octave and WST meters are compliant with the Australian National Measurement Institute's M10 (NMI M10) pattern approval for meters used in water and irrigation.
  • Netafim’s Arad ultrasonic Octave meter is Pattern Approved in sizes from 40mm to 300mm.
  • Netafim’s Arad WST meters are Pattern Approved in sizes from 50mm to 300mm.
  • All the Netafim Pattern Approved water meters come with an output suitable for the connection of a data logger.

Find The Water Meter Solution That Works For You

Designed specifically for irrigation systems, Netafim offering in the water meters segment, guarantees the most accurate and reliable flow readings. Our complete portfolio includes a full range of solutions, for any needed application.

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