Control apple size and yield with precision irrigation

Growing apples is all about controlling as many variables as possible to achieve uniform size and color as well as a longer shelf life. With precision irrigation, you can control both irrigation and nutrition needs.

Drip irrigation for apples


  • Smaller root zones favor drip
    In modern orchards, dwarfing rootstock is commonly used to create compact trees. Although these trees deliver high yields and are easier to pick, their root zones are limited. Drip irrigation delivers water precisely, ensuring that no resources are wasted.
  • Stress-free fruit
    Water stress not only causes trees to drop fruit; it can also cause physiological disease which, in turn, reduces apple resiliency during cold storage. Don't sacrifice a portion of your yield.
  • Decrease humidity and prevent disease
    High humidity in your apple orchard is a one-way ticket to fungal diseases like scab and mildew. Drip irrigation avoids extra moisture, ultimately reducing spraying requirements.

Things we often get asked:

Want to produce quality apples season after season?

Want to produce quality apples season after season?