When irrigating vegetables in open fields with up to 10x10 meters spacing, MegaNet™, with its innovative “fortress” impact sprinkler design, gives you excellent crop uniformity while preventing issues caused by insects, poor water quality or field machine damage.

MegaNet™ Sprinkler irrigation

Why MegaNet™?

  • ONE-OF-A-KIND INTEGRAL FILTER: MegaNet’s unique built-in filter protects the sprinkler nozzle from being clogged by debris - reducing repair and maintenance costs.
  • DOUBLE-DAMAGE PROTECTION: Unique pop-up mechanism - that opens only during irrigation - prevents insects, spiders and dirt particles disrupting sprinkler performance and shields against handling damage.
  • INCREASED GERMINATION: Gentle water jets produce relatively small drops near the ground making it ideal for germination.
  • HIGH WATER DISTRIBUTION: Unique symmetrical structure splits water into two equal jets, creating more balanced water distribution. 

What MegaNet™ model suits your needs best?

MegaNet™ 15D

Under canopy and irrigation in windy areas

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MegaNet™ 24D

Open-field irrigation and germination 

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