Produce your biggest hazelnut yield ever, rain or shine, with precision irrigation

Don't risk your hazelnut yield; take control. With precision irrigation, you not only achieve optimal yields with minimal resources, but you're also priming your orchard for modern, mechanized cultivation.

Why choose drip irrigation for your hazelnuts?

  • Increase nut yield and size 
    Maintain optimal moisture in each phenological stage of hazelnut growth. Precision irrigation promotes uniform flowering and fruit development, increasing both nut yield and size.
  • Get to the root of the (hazelnut) problem 
    Hazelnuts have shallow root systems. Drip irrigation ensures that all fertilizers reach the roots, not just the soil, avoiding leaching and optimizing your investment. 
  • Safeguard your harvest from water stress 
    Water stress can damage your yield, resulting in smaller nuts and inconsistent filling, leading ultimately to lower crop value. Use drip to irrigate frequently, avoiding stress.
  • Maintain a dry surface 
    With drip irrigation, the surface between your rows remains dry, ensuring that nuts on the ground are less subject to moisture-induced rot. A dry surface also favors easy mechanical harvesting.
  • Prepare to be mechanized 
    Don’t put obstacles in the way of your machinery; sub-surface drip irrigation keeps your orchard surface clear and protects your irrigation equipment.
Increase hazelnut yield and nut size with precision irrigation.

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Do you want record yields and super-fast ROI on your hazelnut?

Do you want record yields and super-fast ROI on your hazelnut?

Let’s find the best solution for your hazelnut plantations.