Uniformity and yield improvements with precision irrigation

Improve your almond crops. Consistently hit yield targets, and plan with confidence.

Why choose precision irrigation for your almonds?

  •  Eliminate moisture stress
    Put moisture stress and water loss behind you as you dramatically improve your water-use efficiency with subsurface drip irrigation
  • Improved uniformity
    Precision irrigation promotes uniform flowering and fruit development, increasing both nut yield and fruit size.
  • No salt accumulation
    Don’t let your salt-sensitive almond trees suffer. Drip irrigation helps you cope with salt accumulation around your crops’ roots.
  • Nourish today for tomorrow
    Ensure next year’s high yields. Our precise and alternate nutrigation guarantees healthy crops today to boost your production capacity tomorrow
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Want to grow better, healthier almonds?

Want to grow better, healthier almonds?

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