Control citrus yield and size with precision irrigation

The demand for growing bigger fruit and producing higher yields are the given market environment for citrus growers. Climate change and decline in fresh water resources have a big impact on these factors. With precision irrigation, growers can be sure that their production levels and fruit quality will not be compromised.

Why precision irrigation for citrus production?

  • Control your plant development and fruit size
    Throughout fruit development, avoiding harmful water stress is crucial to prevent inhibited fruit growth and small fruit size. With precision irrigation, you can provide consistent and uniform irrigation to your crops during critical periods of growth.
  • Control your inputs
    Optimize your resources with precision irrigation. Make sure that your water and fertilizers are not wasted by applying them directly to the rootzone - no evaporation or leaching.
  • Efficient management, whenever, wherever
    Manage your irrigation and plant nutrition from wherever you are at any given moment with our digital tools. Optimizing your agri-practices, you can get real-time insights on your field, and reduce labour, operational complexity and costs.
Precision irrigation for citrus

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Want to grow better citrus? Try Netafim Precision Irrigation now!

Want to grow better citrus? Try Netafim Precision Irrigation now!

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