Octave Ultrasonic Water Meters

Pattern Approved Octave Ultrasonic Water Meters for the ultimate reliability and accuracy

Octave Water Meter Pattern  Approved

Why Octave is the ultimate water meter

A revolutionary, precise and ultra reliable ultrasonic bulk water meter with no moving parts. With superior hydraulic and batteries that last more than 15 years, the Octave is today’s best choice for bulk meters and a must have for installations requiring pattern approval.


Utilities, Waterworks, Industrial and Agricultural applications


DN50 - DN150 (2”-6”) with stainless Steel body
DN200 - DN300 (8”-12”) with cast iron body
DN40 and DN50 (1½” and 2”) with polymer body

Technical Specifications

  • Pattern Approved for Murray Darling Basin
  • AS4747 accredited and NMI pattern approved
  • Excellent long-term stability and reliability
  • Rugged mechanical design - Submersible (IP68)
  • Bi-directional - including bi-directional outputs (digital and analog)
  • Flexible data formats including flow directions, flow rates and volumes
  • AMR and cellular networks ready with alerts and statistic features
  • Multiline LCD Programmable Display (units and outputs resolution)
  • EMI / RFI Protection

Digital Display

The vacuum sealed (IP68) digital display is equipped with the following:

  • Forward & reverse flow notification symbol
  • 12 digits accumulation volume
  • Programmable decimal point for high resolution
  • 4 digits for flow rate with automatic floating decimal point
  • Programmable accumulation units available
  • Programmable flow rate units available
  • Alarm display for low battery and fault measuring
  • The digital display is identical for all sizes or models and it can be programmed as ordered by you, the customer.

The transparent LCD digital display glass lens is made of moulded
heat treated 6 mm / 1/4” glass to ensure against scratching and
breakage. The Serial number is permanently stamped in the electronic
digital display for easy identification.

Looking to learn more about Octave's performance, dimensions and benefits?

Looking to learn more about Octave's performance, dimensions and benefits?