Dorot 300 series valves are state-of-the-art automatic control valves designed to withstand the most demanding requirements.

Dorot Series 300 Valve

Why millions of growers use our valves?

As the world leaders in irrigation, we know that controlling hydraulic flow and protecting your irrigation system is key to your success. The Dorot Series 300 valves are designed to withstand the most demanding requirements of water system control. Our team of experts developed this technically advanced valve with capabilities far beyond any other on the market.

Features & Benefits

The capability of the Dorot Series 300 to regulate near zero flow, as standard on all sizes, eleminates the need for a special low flow (throttling plug) or valve, while ensuring very low head loss in “fully open” position.

  • The flange (face-to-face) dimensions suit ISO Standards.
  • The valve has an internal floating shaft, allowing for frictionless operation. The unique design of the shaft provides for easy field maintenance.
  • The valve has a resilient seal disc, guided by a frictionless centering device.
  • The valve’s body is made of Ductile Iron, withstanding both high hydraulic and mechanical stresses.
  • The standard single - chamber valve provides smooth operation in sensitive regulation conditions. When required, conversion from a single to a double chambered valve is easily accomplished through the insertion of Dorot’s innovative separation disc, without the need to remove the valve from the pipeline during the conversion.
  • The valve is supplied with a replaceable Stainless Steel seat, which maintains excellent durability against erosion and ensures a drip-tight seal.
  • During valve closure the rate slows, preventing potential damage from water hammer or surges.
  • The 300 Series includes an optional valve position indicator, attached by a floating connection (ball & socket), resulting in smooth movement, with no wear or tear on the indicator seal.
Looking to learn more about series 300's hydraulic performance, dimensions and head loss?

Looking to learn more about series 300's hydraulic performance, dimensions and head loss?

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