When you’re growing maize, whether it's for human or animal consumption, every season is a race to higher yields. 
But when you’ve got a more precise way to control your water and nutrients, every season is better than the last one.

The challenge for maize farmers

Maize (or corn) reacts dramatically to the amount of water and nutrients it is exposed to. While traditional irrigation systems like flood and pivot give you some control, they’re inefficient and less uniform in the way they apply water. This becomes even more evident across different soil types, making it difficult to ensure you get uniformly better crops. These traditional irrigation methods are also not suited to uneven topography or odd shaped fields.

How precision irrigation helps

Precision irrigation in the form of sub-surface drip (SDI) gives you better control by delivering water and nutrients directly to the roots of each plant, in specific combinations, according to your plants’ developmental stages. It fits into any plot, and can be applied to all topographies, field sizes and soil types. So you can maintain optimal soil moisture and nutrient levels in all conditions.

Adding digital controls to your system allows you to monitor and optimise your yield as it’s growing, gaining data about every aspect of your field and local climate. So wherever you are, whether you’re growing for grain, silage, seed production or sweetcorn, you’ll ensure consistently high, top-quality yields every season. And even bigger profits.


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Meet the people pioneering precision irrigation in maize

Dan Luepkes turned his worst ground into his best.

“We can outproduce the best ground in this area with some of the poorest soils.” 

Dan Luepkes

Corn, USA

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Precision irrigation for open field farms

Precision irrigation for open field farms

You’re trying to keep a delicate balance between smart risk-management and optimal crop growth. That’s the challenge of open field agriculture.

You need a solution that makes the best use of your land, time and resources, while guaranteeing consistent results in the field. A solution that’s right for your crop, soil, climate, topography, crop cycles and business model.

That’s where precision irrigation comes in.

Precision nutrigation

Precision nutrigation

Plant nutrition isn’t a matter of quantity – it’s a matter of efficiency. Precision nutrigation delivers nutrients straight to the roots of each plant, in personalised combinations, with perfect timing. So you use fertiliser more efficiently and get the best return on your inputs. Even in cases where soil moisture is balanced and there is no need for additional irrigation, applying nutrients through your system allows you to give your crop what it needs, when it need it, to grow much higher yields.

Our products

Our products

Find the ideal precision irrigation system for your crop, climate, and topography.

Every season is a race to grow higher yields with fewer resources. Browse our range of innovative products and tailor-made solutions and start optimising your use of the land, water and fertiliser. For higher and better yields, every time.

Need help finding the best solution for your farm?

Need help finding the best solution for your farm?

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