When you are looking to irrigate orchards on flat terrain, GyroNet™ micro-sprinklers ensure optimal distribution of water and nutrients season after season, with incredibly low maintenance.

GyroNet™ Sprinkler Irrigation

Why GyroNet™?

  • TROUBLE-FREE OPERATION: Pop-up mechanism, opened only during operation, prevents insects and spiders penetrating the nozzle, maximizing performance and minimizing maintenance costs.
  • LONG-TERM UNIFORMITY: "EverSpin" upper bearing protects the sprinkler head from friction, maintaining an optimal water pattern year after year.
  • ALL-ROUND DURABILITY: High-grade raw materials provide excellent resistance to agrochemicals and harsh weather conditions.
  • PERFECTLY FITS YOUR NEEDS: Choose from a wide range of wetted diameters and flow rates to suit your orchard.

What GyroNet™ model suits your needs best?