The opportunity for strawberry farmers

The strawberry plant is sensitive to the irrigation regime. Attention to the management of the precision irrigation system is therefore necessary to ensure success in all environments. 

Strawberry cultivation has always been one of the most popular fruits and represents an important opportunity for those who decide to grow it. This is achieved if the needs of the strawberry are constantly kept under control, avoiding any water stress, both during the flowering phase and during ripening and harvesting.

How precision irrigation can help you

A precise assessment of irrigation volumes and the exact time of irrigation intervention contribute to an efficient and correct use of water and nutrients. The drip system makes it possible to avoid water wastage by adjusting the amount of water according to need an wetting the strawberry at the base or on the ground, without wetting the leaves. This prevents the formation of fungal diseases such as verticylosis oidium and necrosis. Furthermore, our automation systems offer easy monitoring and control at every stage of the strawberry's life cycle, thus guaranteeing higher yields and better production quality.

  • How much will precision irrigation cost?

    For strawberries, as with many other crops grown on substrates, it is a variable type of cost that must be approached with the investment perspective. It depends on various factors such as the size of the greenhouse or the length of the shoots, the peak of water requirement of your strawberries, which is determined by the climatic conditions in your area and by the leaf coverage and the possible climate management in protected cultivation; finally the quality of the water influences the costs of the filtration process. Strawberry crops also need fertigation management, so to provide you with a hypothesis of system cost, our Agronomists and Designers are at your disposal and can support you in making the right choices.

  • Why should I choose precision irrigation compared to other cheaper methods?

    We know that in strawberry cultivation the choice of variety strongly influences the agronomic management and technique. The choice of unifying or re-flowering varieties concentrates or extends the productive season. Fertigation, which provides the nutritive elements and the water for cultivation, is an ideal method and is used both out of soil and on other forms of farming in protected cultivation with consequent advantage on the formation of the fruits. Precision drip irrigation is therefore the best technique for satisfying these prerequisites and applying water and mineral nutrition with the best uniformity of distribution on the market with maximum efficiency.

  • How should I program and manage drip irrigation on my strawberries?

    The strawberry has a superficial root system that expands over a limited volume of soil: 90% of the roots are located in the first 15 cm of soil. To irrigate the crop, Streamline Plus 16080 dripline is used with a 20cm space between the drippers and 1-1.6 litres/hour. The uniformity of distribution by Netafim micro irrigation systems is a further reason for having the same concentration of nutrients for each irrigated plant and therefore uniformity of quality. 

    Add to this the high resistance to blockages which, even in mulched solutions, ensures trouble-free operation that would be difficult to solve with the plastic sheet. The automatic management of the fertigation system is carried out with an NMC control unit for the integrated management of irrigation and fertigation with the possibility of remote management. The controlled injection system will be of the Fertikit PL type installed in line with a pre-assembled output mixing filter. Our experts are at your disposal to carry out the best irrigation plan for strawberry cultivation.

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Want to grow top quality strawberries?

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