Fertikit™ 3G 

it's all about precision - optimise yields while saving costs.

Take control of nutrient dosing and therefore your bottom line! Produce higher yields while conserving both water and labour with this versatile nutrient dosing system. Your crops will get exactly the nutrients they need, precisely when they need them. With Fertikit™ 3G, you control the dosing for soil-grown crops in net houses, open fields, and orchards.

Why Fertikit 3G™?

  • Control: Fertikit 3G puts you in control of plant nutrition, improving both crop yield and quality. With six separate dosing channels, you’ll have full control over your entire plant nutrition program.
  • Modular Design: WithFertikit 3G’s smart modular product range, you pay only for the features you’re using, and you can add features as you go.
  • Versatile: Choose from seven models, with or without an integral booster pump, to suit any field size and a vast range of irrigation system capacities.
  • Affordable: Requires minimal investment and offers a rapid ROI.
  • Well-Designed: The system is built to last, featuring the finest materials and trouble-free injectors without moving parts.
  • Adaptable: Compatible with any existing third party control and monitoring system, allowing you to operate your irrigation and plant nutrition remotely by connecting to both field sensors and external data sources.


  • Comprehensive: Offers up to 6 dosing channels of 50-1,000 l/hr each)
  • Scalable: Scales to system flow rates from 5m3/hr to 700m3/hr and up to 8 bar pressure
  • Compatible Easily integrates with most third-party control and monitoring systems
  • Dependable: Made of aluminium, corrosion-resistant frame with adjustable legs
  • Multilingual interface


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Want to improve your bottom line?

Want to improve your bottom line?

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