From Average to Alpha

Technology boasts new concepts of product modularity, data measurement, with low water and energy requirements 

Netafim, the global leader of precision irrigation solutions and agricultural projects, announced today the launch of its AlphaDisc™ filter. The filter will protect irrigation systems against clogging caused by organic contaminants and enable growers to more uniformly irrigate crops, leading to better productivity, cost savings, and peace of mind. Researched and developed in partnership over the last five years with Amiad, a leading global producer of water treatment and filtration solutions, AlphaDisc™ provides the ultimate in irrigation system protection with its combination of precise depth filtration, substantial capacity to contain dirt, and a unique easy-to-scale modular design that helps manage changing flow rates and water quality needs. All this is monitored by a first-of-its-kind remote sensing system and algorithms that provide farmers with online data and insights.

“At Netafim we are committed to working with cutting-edge partners to develop solutions to combat the far-reaching effects of global water scarcity and improve water quality for growers,” said Netafim CEO Gabriel (Gaby) Miodownik. “AlphaDisc™️ helps growers adapt to changing conditions and stay productive through the efficient use of available surface water. AlphaDisc™  ensures a sustainable and reliable clean water supply, protecting the future of agriculture.”

“AlphaDisc™ represents a new generation of high-tech filtration systems that protect irrigation systems while offering performance data measurement so growers can precisely monitor and control their valuable resources,” said Dror Negbi, Global Filtration Product Manager, Netafim. “Through our partnership with Amiad, we have developed an innovative product that delivers high-quality water and enables growers to maximize an increasingly limited resource.”

AlphaDisc™’s main benefits:

  • High efficiency, precise depth filtration
    Unique and improved disc design with precise high-grade filtration through all depths of the disc for better clogging protection.

  • High dirt-holding capacity
    High filtration volume and area, coupled with the lowest rates of head loss in the industry, ensuring higher particle capture, fewer backflush cycles, and less downstream disruption.

  • Hyper modular
    Unique modular design offers easy scalability as needs evolve.

  • Low backflush flow rate and low head loss
    Results in a significantly more cost-effective irrigation system.

  • AlphaDisc™ smart controller
    Innovative controller with “always-on” access to filtration data; IP65 rating.

  • Smaller environmental footprint
    Vertical installation for a better designed, more cost-effective irrigation room