Dedicated to getting the most out of your maize crop

Netmaize gives you the power of information and crop control in the palm of your hand.

  • Maximise water efficiency
  • Improve plant health
  • Maintain consistent soil moisture conditions
  • Reduce plant stress
  • Boost corn crop productivity



"We combine local weather data, local know-how, and over 50 years of agronomic experience and drip irrigation expertise to give farmers the information they need to make the right irrigation decisions for their corn crop. It's like having an irrigation consultant in your pocket all the time."

Peter Henry, Agronomist, Netafim


NetMaize puts the power of information in farmers’ hands

  • Customized irrigation scheduling
  • Field management from the palm of your hand
  • Real-time weather data
  • Irrigation recommendation based on actual data
Download NetMaize app user guide

Download NetMaize app user guide

(PDF, 3NB)