Typhoon™ Plus

If you’re irrigating row crops on flat terrain, and you need to balance performance and profitability, Typhoon Plus™ hits the mark. The world’s best thin-wall dripperline with the industry’s lowest flow rates gets the job done effectively and economically year after year.

Why Typhoon™ Plus?

  • SUPERB CLOGGING RESISTANCE: Best-in-category anti-clogging technology ensures optimal delivery of water and nutrients even with poor quality water.
  • LOWER FLOW RATES, LOWER CAPEX: Run longer laterals with the same diameters, without adding submain or diminishing cropping area – thanks to the lowest flow rate in the industry.
  • BETTER CROP YIELDS: Ultra-low flow rates result in better water and nutrient availability for healthier crops.
  • EXCELLENT ROI: An economical choice for commodity and broad acre crops on flat topographies with no compromise on performance.