SuperNet™ UD 

Upside-down sprinkler for orchards that works in harmony with harvesting machinery

Featuring a unique “upside down” rotor, SuperNet™ UDis a flow-regulated micro-sprinkler designed to work suspended from a trellising wire, so you can achieve perfectly uniform water coverage without interference from harvesters and other field machinery.

  • “Upside down” mounted sprinklers keep the ground clear, preventing sprinkler damage by field machinery.
  • Flow regulation mechanism ensures uniform coverage in orchards with uneven terrain.


  • Irrigation
  • Frost mitigation
  • Orchards cooling
  • Orchards Humidification
  • Leaves Dust cleaning


  • Medium Pressure
  • Low Pressure

Coverage type

  • Localized

Crop type

  • Orchards

Trajectory angle

  • Low

Why SuperNet™ UD?

  • 0% flow variation: Special flow regulation mechanism ensures every tree gets an even measure of water and nutrients, no matter the sprinkler's inlet pressure (within specific pressure ranges)
  • Machinery-safe: Unique“upside down” rotor enables sprinklers to be operated in a hanging position, preventing damage caused by field machinery.
  • Clogging resistance: Water passage - 30% larger than industry standard - protects against clogging to ensure an optimal water pattern, year after year.
  • Insect-protected, even upside down: Specially designed spring bearing ensures the anti-ant mechanism can prevent insect penetration to the nozzle, even when the sprinkler is mounted from a trellised wire.
  • Long-lasting: Thanks to a simple modular and clog-resistant design.
  • In-field resilience: Manufactured from tough plastic materials that can withstand agrochemicals, fertilizers, and sun exposure.
  • ISO 8026 standards: SuperNet™ micro-sprinklers meet ISO 8026 standards (SI 1406) with production certified by the SII.


  • 7 different flow rates: 30, 35, 40, 50, 58, 70, 90 l/h.
  • Recommended working pressure: 1.5 to 4.0 bar
  • 5 types of inlet connectors: Barb, Self-tapping, Press fit, 3/8" male threaded, 1/2" male threaded
  • 2 types of upper bearing: Upper bearing keeps the anti-ant feature even when sprinkler is mounted upside down; Spring bearing with Everspin™ offers wear resistance in harsh water conditions.



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